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they will run and not grow weary,
they will walk and not be faint.”  ~ Isaiah 40:29-31 

His Ways Are Not Our Ways

by Debe Haller

March-April Hope Newsletter 2006


The older I get the more I realize the dramatic impact our attitude has on our day to day living.  It effects our perspective on our circumstances, our family, our personal rights and our reactions to each of these.   It effects our relationship with God and our willingness to accept His plan and the authorities He places over us.  As our children (and grandchildren) learn from our example, and they are watching, it influences their behaviors.  


I knew I was right.  It was simple. I needed time to accomplish an important task that would need to be done as part of our negotiations on our potential new location for the Schoolhouse.  The week between Christmas and New Years provided flexibility I would have at no other time.  The store was closed and I would not be teaching as my three students (grandchildren) were home with their parents.  However, Danny said to wait.  He said I could not measure that week.  Aarrgghh!  Any reasonable woman would have agreed that I was right in wanting to measure those rooms during that holiday week.


I wanted to be prepared with information for the church committee since the following short week would be filled with school, classes, activities, and the faculty fellowship.   How would I ever get away from the Schoolhouse the first week of January?  Timing was crucial.  How could Danny be so insensitive to what my schedule looked like?  In spite of my hurt, frustration and down right anger, God blessed me with the grace to willingly come under Danny’s authority after making my appeal… well, a couple or three appeals.


I learned as a young wife there is wisdom in trusting God and coming under the authorities He places in my life. In my recent frustration I was reminded about God’s principals.  I guarded my attitude and directed it away from the temptation to stew and cultivate bitterness.  Most women have lots of emotional energy that can be very productive if used in wise ways rather than wasting it on negative attitudes and hurt feelings.  We have to be careful to not talk about such things with our girl friends.  Rather, talking and listening to God and working on our own attitudes is harder but profitable.  We must especially build up our husband and give good reports about our family to our friends.  This article is written not only with excitement about our new location but more importantly about God’s blessings when we obey His principals. 


Twenty-four years ago when Danny and I had been married for ten years, my opinionated, paternal grandmother cautioned my hubby with these words, “You better watch out because Debe will talk you right under the table!”   He just grinned and calmly replied, “I know Grandma.”   She was right, I could then and I can now.  True, not wise, but true.  Coupled with my ability to gab are lots of clever womanly tactics and manipulative ploys that can be creatively woven to secure my end desire.  Wait a minute, wasn’t there once a woman in a garden who got us all into trouble by performing these same actions?


Mid-December we were one of ninety ACSI schools who received a letter from Garden Grove Friends Church who were looking to be better stewards with what God had blessed them.  They had rooms to rent during the week since they only needed the space on Sundays and Wednesday evenings. 


After I called the church at Danny’s suggestion, Brock and I toured the one-story building that was offered.  Our family began attending the church January 1 so we could get to know them and vice-versa. 


The pastor paid a surprise visit to the Schoolhouse to check out our operation.  God orchestrated each step in special ways.  It was an unusually calm Tuesday afternoon as I gave Pastor Mark a tour.   I was ecstatic that my daughter-in-law Lina was quietly doing school with her daughter Breana and Bubs and Ashlen.  In looking back I’m not sure what almost four-year old Zachary or twenty-month old Brenden were doing, but all was calm and quiet and they could have been on the cover of The Teaching Home Magazine. 


After the pastor left I found out that a minute and a half before the pastor and I went to the back Lina was sternly saying, “If I have to tell you one more time to sit down…!” 


On another day when the church CFO came to visit Breana and Ashlen passed by him on their way to the schoolroom pausing to practice their social skills without my prompting.  “Hi! My name is Breana.  I’m six years old.”  “Hi!  My name is Ashlen.  I’m five years old.  Welcome to Hope Christian Academy!”  The man stood there stunned and remarked, “That is just the cutest thing!”


Brock and I returned to the church during that first week of January to measure the rooms in order to make our formal proposal.   We were taken around the property this time by the CFO who was learning about our needs and helping us to measure.  At the end of our time he pointed to the two-story building and said, “Well, it seems to me that this whole building here would fit your needs best.” 


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